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Previously Released Books

The following is a list of all non-current books have been released in the UK Rail Series since late 2009 and in most cases are previous editions of current BOOKS. Some of the books have also previously been released in association with HB Publications so stretch back several years prior to 2010 though the Pocket Book only started in 2008. From 2020 UK Wagons was incorporated as part of the Combine which was then split into two Volumes, Vol.1 - Locos, Units, Trams & Underground, Vol.2 - Carriages, Wagons & Track Machines. As most books sold out there are few available, but it is worth checking, particularly for the most recent editions, particularly Pocket Books.

UKRS01 UK Pocket Book (original with spine)
UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2010UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2011UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2012UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2013UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2014UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2015UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2016UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2017UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2018UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2019UKRS01 UK Pocket BookSummer Ed 2019UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2020UKRS01 UK Pocket Book 2020
UKRS01 UK Pocket Book (wire bound)
UKRS01W UK Pocket Book 2018 (wire bound)UKRS01W UK Pocket Book Summer Ed 2018 (wire bound)UKRS01WA UK Pocket Book 2019 (wire bound)UKRS01WB UK Pocket Book Summer Ed 2019 (wire bound)UKRS01WA UK Pocket Book (wire bound)UKRS01WA UK Pocket Book (wire bound)
UKRS02 UK Combine
UKRS02 UK Combine 2010UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Edition 2010UKRS02A UK Combine 2011UKRS02B UK Combine Spring Edition 2011UKRS02C UK Combine Summer Edition 2011UKRS02A UK Combine 2012UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Edition 2012 UKRS02A UK Combine 2013UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Edition 2013UKRS02A UK Combine 2014UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Edition 2014UKRS02A UK Combine 2015UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Edition 2015UKRS02A UK Combine 2016UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Ed 2016UKRS02A UK Combine 2017UKRS02B UK Combine Summer 2017UKRS02A UK Combine 2018UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Ed 2018UKRS02A UK Combine 2019UKRS02B UK Combine Summer Ed 2019UKRS02A UK Combine 2020UKRS02A UK Combine 2020
UKRS03 UK Wagons (incl as Combine Vol.2 from 2020)
UKRS03 UK Wagons 2010UKRS03 UK Wagons 2011UKRS03 UK Wagons 2012UKRS03 UK Wagons 2013UKRS03 UK Wagons 2014UKRS03 UK Wagons 2015UKRS03 UK Wagons 2016UKRS03 UK Wagons 2017UKRS03 UK Wagons 2018UKRS03 UK Wagons 2019UKRS03A UK Combine 2020UKRS03A UK Combine 2020
UKRS04 UK Name Directory
UKRS04 UK Name Directory 2010UKRS04 UK Name Directory 2012UKRS04 UK Name Directory (2015)UKRS04 UK Name Directory (2017)UKRS04 UK Name Directory (2019)
UKRS05 UK Locomotives
UKRS05 UK Locos 2010UKRS05 UK Locos 2011UKRS05 UK Locos 2018UKRS05 UK Locos 2019UKRS05 UK Locos 2020UKRS05 UK Locos 2020
UKRS06 UK Diesel Units
UKRS06 UK Diesel Units 2010UKRS06 Diesel Units 2011
UKRS07 UK Electric Units
UKRS07 UK Electric Units 2010UKRS07 Electric Units 2011
UKRS09 Irish Railways (previously UKRS19)
UKRS19 Irish Railways 2010UKRS19 Irish Railways 2011UKRS19 Irish Railways 2012UKRS09 Irish Railways 2013UKRS09 cover 2014UKRS09 cover 2015
UKRS10 Ultimate Sighting File Vol.1
UKRS10 Ultimate Sighting File Vol.1 (2013)
UKRS11 Ultimate Sighting File Vol.2
UKRS11 Ultimate Sighting File Vol.2 (2013)


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