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In order to provide up to date information to members in TRACKS we constantly need photos of the current railway scene, topical issues, new liveries, unusual movements plus often just quality shots of the mundane everyday normal activity. You never know when that activity suddenly ceases. Photos of infrastructure changes are particularly welcome and the current phasing out of signal boxes is an example, where if the current scene taken for granted is not recorded then in a few years it will all be gone. See Signal Box Appeal.

How to submit photos for inclusion in TRACKS:
Photos can either be sent via email or Dropbox or WeTransfer to Trevor Roots at editor@intercityrailwaysociety.org or on a CD-ROM, memory card or memory stick to Trevor Roots, Mill of Botary, Cairnie, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 4UD.

Good quality photographs are always welcome, preferably high res jpeg digital photographs via email (not compressed / thumbnails please). With regards to submitting photos can you please provide all details, subject, location, times, working if known and your name in the body of the email not the subject header. If you use a smart phone then make sure you include your name !! It would also really help the editing process by giving the photos a descriptive file name rather than just a number allocated by your camera. Many already do it but it takes far too long to add file names before they can then be edited. You may ask why bother, but without details they can’t be filed and then easily found when inserting into the magazines, or for future reference. Note several photos may be received from different members with the same file nos. eg 001, DSC_001, IMG_001, image1.

Here is an example of a standard file name: 37025 Newton Abbot (10.37) 03.03.18. If you supply more than one of the same subject with the same time/date then add (1) (2) etc at the end as with the following example: 158713 + 158720 Elgin (13.16) 27.03.18 (2). Note the + sign is used for double heading etc. If it is a top and tail situation then just use t&t eg. 31233 t&t DBSO 9703. If you want to add the particular working then please do so after the number but be succinct, no extra words eg. 37612 t&t DBSO 9703 on 3Z03 Derby RTC - Ferme Park with 6260 + 999605 Wellingborough (12.34) 17.10.18, but you don’t have too as that can be included in the email or when submitting a report. If you want to add a number in front of the caption which corresponds to a fuller description in an email or report then that is fine, eg 1. 37025 Newton Abbot (10.37) 03.03.18. For photos of steam locos please add the wheel arrangement before the number eg. 4-6-0 44871 ... For photos of preserved railways then please add the abbreviated code after the location eg. 03170 North Weald, EOR (12.00) 25.10.18, D5185 Loughborough Central, GCR (12.00) 25.10.18, 2-6-0 76079 Grosmont, NYM (12.00) 25.10.18 (see UK Combine / UK Pocket Book for list of codes or Reference page). Please stick to the style of the examples, no extra dots or dashes which then have to be removed.

When sending 2 or 3 hi-res photos, one email is fine, but with newer higher res cameras now, often only one photo can be sent. Therefore rather than you sending multiple emails and me downloading them (trying and failing sometimes !!) another way, as will be required to send bulk photos, is to use Dropbox or WeTransfer. The latter is probably more user friendly. Creating an account is quick and free. Please remember though to send photos in a single folder not separately or it is worse than emailing them. Once I have downloaded the photos the folder is deleted to free up space.

Prints are acceptable but please only send those with clear detail, as deep shadow around the bogies in particular cannot be altered after scanning unlike a digital photo. Please send an SAE if you wish them returned. Please include full contact details with any submissions, including your first name.

Please send all photos as originally taken (highest resolution), do not compress and please provide full details: stock numbers, working, date, time and location and your name, especially from smart phones !!!

Please attach photos with your email, NOT in the body of the text as that makes the email hard to work with

Will you accept prints ?
Although we prefer to have all photos submitted by email we will accept colour or black and white prints. These should be of a good quality and on glossy paper. Prints will be returned, if requested. ICRS cannot accept any responsibility for prints damaged or lost in the post.

What are acceptable photos ?
We will consider all photos of any railway subject within the UK, Europe or beyond. The photos must be your own work and we will not accept photos where you do not hold the copyright. We will not normally accept photos that have been manipulated or altered and you should advise us when submitting your photos if any alterations have been made to the original image.

How and when will photos be published to the website ?
Currently no uploading of photos can be done to our Flickr site due to lack of time.

Do I have to be a member of ICRS ?
Yes, we will only accept contributions from members. As we are all volunteers our time must be spent providing a service to our members alongside our excellent monthly magazine TRACKS and well respected spotting books. As membership is extremely good value why not JOIN.

If I submit photos will you provide a link to my website ?
We try to provide a comprehensive list of links to all good railway related websites and this includes photo galleries. If you would like us to link to your website please provide the web address and we will consider this and if deemed suitable, the link will be added to the Links page.

I have a question that is not answered by the above
Please email Trevor Roots at editor@intercityrailwaysociety.org if you have any further questions.

Return of submitted images.
We will return discs, other media and prints if requested provided sufficient postage and suitable packaging for their return is included with your submission. ICRS cannot accept any responsibility for images or media damaged or lost in the post.


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